The World’s Most Famous Landmarks to Visit

On November 10, 2012, in Travelling, Vacation, by tourist

There are plenty of reasons people opt to visit famous landmarks on their vacations. Not only do people want to visit all the places they read about, but they also want to be a part of something romantic. Each year, travelers come from all over the world to these fantastic destinations.

Europe is home to many of the most popular landmarks, and especially the most visited tourist city in the world, Paris, France. Paris houses the Eiffel Tower, which rises more than 980 feet above the ground. This is a unique symbol of romance often associated with French people. Another of Europe’s biggest landmarks resides in Italy, and it is called the Leaning Tower of Pisa. The United Kingdom’s landmark to boast is Stonehenge, which many people believe to be a sacred site.

The United States features a few of the world’s famous sites as well. New York City’s Empire State Building, which was erected during the Great Depression as the tallest building in the world, remains a symbol of independences and solidarity. The 1924 gift from France, the Statue of Liberty, is another. On the opposite coast, the Hollywood Sign sits aside a hill as a reminder of the power of the film industry.

When it comes to Asia, China is home to the most popular monuments. Beijing’s Forbidden City reflects the local heritage in its ancient buildings. The Great Wall of China, which took 2,000 years to build, stretches 5,500 miles across the country. When it comes to monuments of love, the Taj Mahal has all other landmarks beat. India’s dedication to lost love remains a significant symbol.

Australia is not home to many famous landmarks, but the Sydney Opera House is the country’s most recognizable building, completed in 1973. The opera house resembles a ship, with its large sails as an ode to the ocean surrounding the large island.

The Great Pyramid of Giza and the Great Sphinx, both located in Cairo, Egypt, are important figures from history. Ancient Egyptians oversaw the construction of the pyramids, with some of the temples reaching heights of more than 480 feet. Visitors flock to Cairo to catch a glimpse of the pyramids they have seen time and time again in books and on television.

With the abundance of monuments all over the world, there is no limit to the number of places we can fall in love with.


Planning a Budget for Your Next Vacation

On October 9, 2012, in Vacation, by tourist

Planning a budget for you next vacation can be a fun, challenging, rewarding and money saving activity. Furthermore it will save you something that money that can’t buy; and that is time. In this article we will discuss some simple topics and concepts that you can keep in mind when planning a budget for your next vacation.

The first factor that you need to consider is the cost that it is going to take you to get to your vacation place and the cost that it will take you to get back. For example, if you are going to take a cruise, you know that you will need to either fly or drive to the closest port where cruise ships arrive and depart. You need to calculate gas to from the port, and whether or not you are going to stay in a hotel the day before you actually board the ship.

When it comes to partaking in the various activities that you can participate in on vacation, it is a good idea to check these activities out prior to you getting to your destination. You should already have an idea of where you want to go, then it is as simple as researching the activities that tourist do while on vacation. Become conscious of the cost of these activities, and then plan on taking that amount of money with you do participate in those activities. By planning your activities in advanced, you are planning the way that you are going to spend your money and what you are going to spend your money on when you arrive.

Ideally you want to have a set limit to spend while on vacation. In this way you can exercise self control and you will be sure to not regret spending money on things that you wish you wouldn’t have spent money on. If your budget to spend to have fun with is five hundred dollars, then stick to it. Make that decision first, and don’t deviate from that decision.

Finally remember that you are on vacation to have fun, so have fun. However, have a plan when it comes to having your fun and planning your budget to have fun should be fun in the process of you doing that. At the end of your vacation you will be happy that you did and won’t return home, totally broke, busted and disgusted.


How to deal with children on extended excursions

On September 23, 2012, in Vacation, by tourist

Anyone who has been in public knows that it can sometimes be a challenge to travel with children. Children are prone to having tantrums and outbursts when they get tired or hungry and that makes a trip unpleasant for everyone involved. Here are some simple tips for dealing with children on extended excursions.


The first thing that you should remember to do is to be patient at all times. Children will often take social cues from adults so if they see that you are calm, even in chaotic situations; they are more likely to be cool too. Being patient with children also make it easier to find out what is wrong with a child. If you are screaming and inpatient with them then you will not have good results.

Pack snacks

For any trip that involves children, bringing things for them to snack on is one of the most important things to pack. As a general rule, the longer the trip, the more substantial the snack should be. Even if you plan to eat when you get there, having something as simple as crackers can ward off the hunger pangs. Keep in mind that everyone is easier to deal with when they are not hungry so you should pack some snacks for yourself too.

Bring some entertainment

Whether you choose to bring some cards, a book, a MP3 player, or all three, having something to keep the children occupied on long trips is a must. Bringing a new book or toy that they have not played with before is always a good idea because it will keep then interested for longer. Also, do not give them all the toys at once. For long trips, it is best to only give one toy at a time so that there is always something new to give them.

Most people seem to think that taking children on long trips is a bad idea but with careful preparation these trips can be fun for everyone.


How to Find Deals for Airfare and Hotel Packages

On September 18, 2012, in Travelling, Vacation, by tourist

When you are planning to book a trip for business or for pleasure, saving money on airfare and hotel packages can give a positive boost to any type of travel, regardless of your purpose. If you want to find deals for airfare and hotel packages regardless of where you are traveling, there are a few ways to do so to ensure you are getting the absolute best possible deal available before you pay for your ticket and reserve a hotel room.


If possible, always book any type of travel you plan to do in advance to help with saving on costs and getting the best possible deals. If you cannot book ahead of time, attempt to book as last minute as possible to find cheaper seats, oftentimes available for single travelers within hours of departure. You can also find discounted tickets around holidays if you purchase ahead of time.

Comparing Your Options

Before booking a trip for any reason, be sure to research all of the available deals and packages possible both locally and online. You can compare travel package prices and options by visiting a local travel agency depending on where you live to work individually with a travel agent him or herself. However, for even more options and possibilities, you can also compare travel deals on airfare and on hotel packages right from home by browsing online.

When you choose to look online to find airfare deals and hotel package discounts, you can do so by comparing multiple airliners and without having to pay for any assistance or services. You can also browse for last-minute flights and airfare packages as well. Browsing online for travel packages allows you to combine the purchase of your airfare, hotel room and in many cases, even your transportation and any entertainment you may be interested in during your trip. The more options you select to combine before checking out when you are browsing online for airfare deals and hotel packages, the more money you are likely to save.

Be Direct

If you want even more options and potential to save money before you travel, call the airliner or the hotel you want to stay in directly to ask about discounts. You may also save money by directly booking a last-minute ticket or room by calling the airliner or hotel you are interested in yourself as opposed to booking all of your travel plans online.