The 2001 Grand National Rodeo,

Horse & Stock Show


Celebration of

Western Art


October 26 through November 4


Painting, Sculpture & Photography of the following themes:

  e Western life, people, animals, wildlife & landscape (historical & contemporary)

  e Rodeo; equine art including horse show themes (Hunters, Jumpers, Quarter, Western and Arabians)

  e Livestock, ranching

  e Native American

  e 2001 - Vineyards, wine


Attended by over 80,000 people each year, the 2001 Grand National offers an exceptional opportunity to display your work to an audience that gathers from all over the West. This show gives artists unparalleled access to the public.


Thousands of dollars and rosettes for Best in Show and for first through third place in each media category will be awarded. In addition, a People’s Choice award and two Honorable Mention ribbons in each media will be awarded. There are also select theme awards.





The exhibit will be staffed by trained sales personnel at all time. All work will be available for immediate sale and removal by the buyer and will be replaced by reserve work from the same artist.


Exhibit Coordinator

Cynthia Kelly

2625 Alcatraz Avenue #275

Berkeley, CA 94703

(510)-848-1232, [email protected]


Exhibit/Private Commission

Accepted artists will have the opportunity for their own on-site gallery sales area. Details will be sent  following acceptance of art entries.



Distinguished Jurors of Selection and Juror of Awards to be announced.





New for 2001


“Vine to WINE”



Rules, Regulations & Fine Print



All entries must be recent original works that were not created under the supervision of an instructor.  Each artist may submit up to five (5) entries.  All entered work must be for sale.


2001 Calendar

September 8            Entry/slide deadline

September 15            Notification of Jurors decision

October 1- 10            Receiving of artwork

October 25            Juror of Awards judging

October 26            Opening Night of exhibition

November 4            Final Night of exhibition

November 5            5pm deadline for pickup of unsold work



Accepted art is: sculpture in any media; painting in any media and photography.  There is no minimum or maximum size.


Entry Requirements

A non-refundable fee of $40, payable to “Cow Palace,” (show producer) must accompany entry form.  Entry form, with labeled slides, check and a SASE for return of non-selected slides should be mailed to:  Cow Palace Art Entries, P.O. Box 34206, San Francisco, CA 94134.  Physical address is 2600 Geneva Avenue, Daly City, CA 94014.  Signature agreeing to rules and regulations is required.


Entry Instructions

Please complete Media, Title, Dimensions (for sculptures as

displayed including depth and weight), and sale price for

each entry; sign the agreement; clip this section; print your

name and address; and enclose it with your

entry slides. Label slides as directed (see “Slides” section).

Enclose SASE for return of slides.







Selection of work for the exhibit will be based on slides, which must be cardboard or standard thickness plastic mounts.  Label with artist’s name, title, medium, dimensions and your corresponding entry number.  Indicate front and top.  For three-dimensional pieces, images from different sides and angles are encouraged.  Avoid distracting background objects and frames in the slide.  Slides of accepted art will be retained until the end of the exhibition.


Art Sales

Buyers will purchase work through the Cow Palace sales staff.   Sales tax will be added to the price of the work and will be submitted to the State of California by the Cow Palace.  Artists will receive 70% of the pre-taxed sales price.  Accepted artists will receive a sales instruction card to specify acceptable terms of sale, such as discounts to buyer of more than one piece by the same artist, lowest acceptable price, price if unframed work is an option.  Artist gives Cow Palace exclusive right to sell exhibited work for the duration of the show.  Accepted work will not be released to or withdrawn by artist until show is concluded unless the artist pays a 30% fee, based on listed sale price of the piece, in advance of release.  Any exhibited work sold by artist, within 60 days of the end of the exhibition, to a buyer who saw the piece at the Grand National, is subject to a 30% sales commission to the Cow Palace.



All artists entering slides will receive two complimentary tickets to a Grand National arena performance.


Delivery & Return

Work must be shipped or delivered to the Cow Palace Administration Office, 2600 Geneva Avenue, Daly City, CA 94014 at artist’s expense.  Work must be received between October 1 – 10, 9:30 am to 4:00 pm.  All shipped work must include return prepaid shipping and a shipping label.  Unsold work may be picked Sunday, November 4 from 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm and Monday, November 5 from 11:00 am – 2:00 pm.  Shipping not prepaid by the artist will be returned COD and will include a $50.00 handling charge.  Artist is responsible for insuring work against shipping damage.  The Cow Palace is not responsible for any damage during packing or shipping, under any circumstances.



All accepted work must arrive appropriately framed, matted and/or mounted.  For the protection of the work of other artists, no sawtooths, clamps or protruding screw eyes can be used.  Tape wire ends.  Use Plexiglas, if possible, for media under “glass.”  The Cow Palace assumes total design control of the display.   The exhibit area is locked when exhibit is closed and display is manned when open.








Entry #1     Media:______________________________                       


Title: _______________________ Price $_____________


Image Dimensions:   Height __________  Width __________


                          Depth __________ Weight __________


Framed Size:      Height __________ Width __________


Show Staff Only – Accepted: __Yes (Group: 1st/reserve) __No




Entry #2     Media: ______________________________


Title: _______________________ Price $______________


Image Dimensions:   Height ___________Width ___________


                          Depth ___________ Weight __________


Framed Size:      Height ___________ Width __________


Show Staff Only – Accepted: __Yes (Group: 1st/reserve) __No




Entry #3     Media: ______________________________


Title: _______________________ Price $_____________


Image Dimensions:   Height ___________Width _________


                          Depth ___________ Weight _________


Framed Size:      Height ___________ Width _________


Show Staff Only – Accepted: __Yes (Group: 1st/reserve) __No








Entry #4     Media: ______________________________


Title: _______________________ Price $______________


Image Dimensions:   Height ___________Width ___________


                          Depth ___________ Weight __________


Framed Size:      Height ___________ Width ___________


Show Staff Only – Accepted: __Yes (Group: 1st/reserve) __No




Entry #5     Media: ______________________________


Title: _______________________ Price $_____________


Image Dimensions:   Height ___________Width _________


                          Depth ___________ Weight _________


Framed Size:      Height ___________ Width _________


Show Staff Only – Accepted: __Yes (Group: 1st/reserve) __No



Artist Name:____________________________________




City, State, Zip: __________________________________




Phone:________________  Fax: ____________________


Tax I.D. #______________________________________













By my signature below, I hereby agree to the rules and regulations and timelines as printed in the 2001Grand National “Call for Entries”. I release the Cow Palace, its directors, agents, art show manager and employees from any liability whatsoever resulting from any aspect of handling, transporting, shipping, exhibiting, storing or selling of artwork and acknowledge I am responsible for my own insurance.  I assign the Cow Palace exclusive right to sell exhibited work during the show and will adhere to rules regarding commission for withdrawing art or selling art within 60 days to Cow Palace found buyers. I allow, without compensation, but with acknowledgement, reproduction of entered pieces (slides or photos taken of piece by Cow Palace), by the Cow Palace for publicity, website, program and show related use.  I accept the sales structure regarding pricing, sales tax and payment to artists.  I have provided my tax identification number for use in reporting prize money awards over $600 to appropriate tax agencies.         



Signature        _________________________________________ Date: _____________