Anyone who has been in public knows that it can sometimes be a challenge to travel with children. Children are prone to having tantrums and outbursts when they get tired or hungry and that makes a trip unpleasant for everyone involved. Here are some simple tips for dealing with children on extended excursions.


The first thing that you should remember to do is to be patient at all times. Children will often take social cues from adults so if they see that you are calm, even in chaotic situations; they are more likely to be cool too. Being patient with children also make it easier to find out what is wrong with a child. If you are screaming and inpatient with them then you will not have good results.

Pack snacks

For any trip that involves children, bringing things for them to snack on is one of the most important things to pack. As a general rule, the longer the trip, the more substantial the snack should be. Even if you plan to eat when you get there, having something as simple as crackers can ward off the hunger pangs. Keep in mind that everyone is easier to deal with when they are not hungry so you should pack some snacks for yourself too.

Bring some entertainment

Whether you choose to bring some cards, a book, a MP3 player, or all three, having something to keep the children occupied on long trips is a must. Bringing a new book or toy that they have not played with before is always a good idea because it will keep then interested for longer. Also, do not give them all the toys at once. For long trips, it is best to only give one toy at a time so that there is always something new to give them.

Most people seem to think that taking children on long trips is a bad idea but with careful preparation these trips can be fun for everyone.