Protect your belongings while traveling anywhere. Travelers are the number one for criminals. Criminals are always on the lookout for innocent people. Travelers are always in such a hurry and distracted you can recognize a traveler as soon as you see one. Criminals can easily find them because they tend to let themselves be notice by the public. Travelers tend to make extra big purchases, spend they like to spend big amount of money, use a lot of expensive jewelry and always carry their credit cards around.

One of the main advice that I can offer any traveler is to be aware of their sorroundings. The best way to protect yourself is not to let others know that you are carrying valuable things with you. Even when you go out to a different state and is not out of the country stay within your normal ways don’t change.

Don’t carry large amount of money with you just take the normal. Don’t wear extra gold jewelry that can help attract criminals to you. The best recommendation that I can offer is try not to look like a tourist very important.

Tourists love to provide information to the wrong people. When you find someone that look strange don’t walk up to them and offer them information about where you are staying at or where you going.

A long time ago I went to this well known hotel and read an article about safety procedures. Don’t just assume just because you are staying at a well known hotel that your belongings are safe. Is sad to say, but when you stay at a hotel room a lot of people have access to it. They have maids, supervisors and other type of room services checking out your room. If something goes missing is hard to tell who stole your stuff.

The best thing is when you stay at one of this places is to get yourself a big suite case with a lock combination on it, no one will walk out with the suite case that size or sit in your room to try to figure out the combination.

The last advice that I can offer you is always to remember to protect yourself. Take the right steps to protect your valuables remember that everything you own is valuable to you, and it took you a lot of work and sacrifice to obtain it. Don’t sit around and write account numbers or live your credit card on any table. Always make sure before going anywhere to lock your room and ask the manager not to let anyone come in while you out that way he can be hold responsible is something goes missing.